Unreal engine 4 mega game jam – Food Fight

7 days to create  a game, 5 days if you are already busy!! Peaznchips Productions decided to jump into the game jam with both feet to create Food Fight. Food Fight is a fast paced game that tests your twitch skills and your ability to use you left and right brain simultaneously. Using a twin stick control scheme you control the left arm and right arm of your character simultaneously. Grab your food item and stop your AI opponent from getting his item by stealing the item and making him chase it. As you progress this game gets faster and faster. Enjoy the tranquil underwater scenery and sounds as you strain your brain to win.

Download the game for free here: Food Fight or visit the Food Fight MegaJam post

Note: A VR headset is required to play the game (Oculus Rift or HTC Vive)


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